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Model Set: स्थानिय तह (सहायक पाँचाै) सेट ६

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Subject: नायब सुब्बा >> प्रथम पत्र [लोक सेवा आयोग]
Author: Shining Star Institute
No. of Questions: 51
Full Marks: 100
Time in Minutes: 45 minutes
Negative Marking: 0.4
Published On: 2019-07-16

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About Author

Shining Star Institute

Sankhamul, Baneshwor

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on 25 Apr, 2020

kasari tirne ho paisa


on 11 Mar, 2020

answer right wrong vako dekhaudaina

stupidity 100%

on 02 Mar, 2020

ohhh bhaiii maaro mujhay.. mujhay maaro... yeah kya majaak chal raaha hai... bhai paisay kya rukh main faltay hainnn.. this is totally a scam... i am gonna report this app... 25 rupya tiray kholna ko laagi k 1 choti kholay ko 25 rupya vaya kina 1 week vanay ko ta

Rajan Gurung

on 02 Mar, 2020

k vo set lai ........click nai hudina


on 27 Feb, 2020

plz help me sathiharu??


on 27 Feb, 2020

question ko answer submit kasari hunxa

घनश्याम पोख्रेल

on 17 Feb, 2020

Questions ko answer submit kasari hunxa tw

balkumari pokharel

on 08 Feb, 2020

meroma ni khuldai khuldaina sir

balkumari pokharel

on 08 Feb, 2020

यसमा सहभागी हुन के गर्नु पर्दछ?

Tanka Prasad Paudel

on 06 Feb, 2020

sir khuldai khuldaina meroma ta loding matra bhanxa

Ganesh baduwal

on 17 Jan, 2020

how to join nasu class

MB Marsangi Magar

on 07 Jan, 2020

how to joind nasu class?

Anju Dangi

on 27 Dec, 2019

how to join nasu class

Junu Saud

on 30 Nov, 2019

wrong write dekhaudain ra khelisakepaxi kasto ho?

Being Tawar

on 18 Jul, 2019

hang vairaxa k ho yesto set Autaa tick laaudaa arkai ko tick hune

rajendra khadka

on 17 Jul, 2019

kasari kholne ho


on 17 Jul, 2019

Paesa tirera pani kina ayana

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