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Model Set: नायब सुब्बा / प्रथम पत्र: नमुना सेट - २७

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Subject: नायब सुब्बा >> प्रथम पत्र [लोक सेवा आयोग]
Author: Shining Star Institute
No. of Questions: 50
Full Marks: 100
Time in Minutes: 45 minutes
Negative Marking: 0.4
Published On: 2019-06-11

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About Author

Shining Star Institute

Sankhamul, Baneshwor

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krishna jyoti stha

on 09 Mar, 2020

paisha matra katauxa ta hai aaudaina ta

krishna jyoti stha

on 09 Mar, 2020

Rashmi shrestha

bibas kunwar

on 05 Mar, 2020

smmit nai hunna ta

भाबुक मन

on 24 Feb, 2020

khi tw paisa matra katxa question naii aaudina kasari ho

gopal baraili

on 30 Jan, 2020

kasari herne sir

Naresh Bhat

on 04 Dec, 2019

quastion kasari herne hola

ramesh chaudhary

on 04 Jul, 2019

quastion kasari herne


on 29 Jun, 2019

paesa katera ni herako xain question haru arko set ko


on 21 Jun, 2019

sahi answer kasari herne?

Ramesh chaudhary kurmi

on 19 Jun, 2019

yo k ko lagi


on 15 Jun, 2019

paisa katiyo question heraai rahexain

Radha Kisun Mahato

on 12 Jun, 2019

paisa katiyo tapani model set heraai rahexain

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